Hollow rhythmic breath, crooked
perspective, broken lamp Turned on
throb Settles above my brow, snagged
gathered filth around the air vent
Stubborn: don’t hold on, selfish

breath rides chest and arms
Extend. Syncopated birdsong
sing because I can.
sleep ears, rest eyes No more
locked doors, hallway walls
slip my feet, float air
freshener into the air.

Give myself to waves
Grass patches islands
of anthills. Float, called home
top of streetlight, hum
of man becomes the atmosphere

invisible now beneath the clouds
So I Leave it. to moon, reassure
the flag: not alone. Craters, formless
Steps in my breath, my chair Clicks
as I shift Legs bent, springboard
Tension release. Bound over asteroids
leapfrog the miles. Space, my second home
heat in its emptiness, Red

Dot, two Baked potatoes orbit. Past dust
storms Face first. Decompressed
to gas Hug the air Dive, mariner,
Into the misted canyon scarred but healed.
Mount Olympus bent
lamp, dirty vent. Rubber band

Snap to chair, click of shifted weight.
there are Dishes to do.