Scrounged quarters for the hour,
our time nervous comfort, footprints
Intimately clean beach. fingertips,
shoes, Swing orange faces, Paste
the sky. white Ribbons surf
Each Wave: a present. Dolphins frolic
summer Dance with fins—we sit,
watch become them Swim

nighttime sprinklers Click and Spray
over us. you dance: Bubble
and spin and, we Sit. wings cocoon
the streetlamp, share Everything:
words cushion the Stumble
words Swoop, Down your nose
from eyes that Hold my words.

Spring park, you Need to write pocket
notebook, pine Needles net the sun
between us, grass inches up an itch
On My Back: mind smile
Mixed shaded sunlight, mothers
with strollers Speed-walk past dogs
Off the leash.

cloudy noon Packed and ready
your boxes on boxes, last look: window
rolls up Stuck at the intersection.
I Can’t See You wave
behind the boxes Grow small.