Flip the tent flap, puddles
like dirty little Geysers
no moon Hide, deserted by
wounded hunger. three days
of rain. soft, constant weight

Wrap up the old coat, powdered
trail dust bullet hole: a pillow,
Lucky Kid. Hole still hurts Rip
the old coat for bandages.
Momma gave it to me. keep warm,
William. Hear her footsteps in the Rain

rhythmic Splash my hat’s brim, pulled
Low scarecrow under the old
coat. tired Chink in my wet steps: Leather
and mud. to Town, midnight Hunger,
Hold my guts together Squeeze. winchester
carbine Left Behind town gate: settlers, Soldiers,
Low hat, horse troughs overflow outside

Maxwell’s. Butchered muddy
Floor. Dark Back Room, pool around
carving table, sulfur Struck Match. Quien es?
Quien es? wet wound, squishy ache candle
the Sheriff: bushy mustache, streaked
Smirk. Unarmed Long,
Dark tunnel down Garrett’s barrel.