Sunny summer day,
barefoot pond Sparkles
turtle head Bobs fingers
Plow, Aimless mechanical
rivets for knuckles. duck
with broken leg barely waddles—
to swim, Ecstasy! Float on feathers
Ride the ripples, fingers rip
children Tear
across the grass, puppies,
frisbies: Brand New Hearts.

winged flock in squawk formation
Flutters perfectly, lands Flawlessly
breaking as they swim. Weary
from flight, they Cheer the pond.
feathers Stuff a Heart that Forgot
forgiveness, lighten, release
the heart, supplicant hands Open.
legs crossed. to lotus. to east. trees
sway, trawl for Pulse and Breath.

water in the air, satin mist:
Green, Blue, and White, Breathe
the water. muse’s face Shimmers
in duck’s wake; her voice,
chorus of birds: Forgive Me.

Forgive yourself.
Forgive the breeze that Churns the storm,
the Indefatigable grass that Never stops growing,
the ripple that builds and waves, Monsoon!
Forgive the dogs’ bark, the ducks’ squawk:
we do these things
because That’s What We Do.