wind ruffled white

down side, black

around eye. so many,

so alike. squawk mystery

threat. glide as one, away

sideways on wind. asphalt

puddle, deep and round.

no threat or no choice: return

sideways squeal in wind

one in center:

no larger, blacker or whiter

than others, claims puddle,

chases others—more than enough

water for all. black beak

snaps aggressive squeek back

and forth. others retreat, hop

sideways to escape.


cars splash puddle, crash

seagulls’ party, scatter

precious water. even loudest

most aggressive terror squawl:

worthless to motorists—

on their way, sideways

out of lane, time, and mind,

worthless to seagulls, who

scramble past gum and cig

butts, feathers and legs lost

in flight and catastrophic