Welcome to Jerryland! I am Jerry the wordman, your spiritual guide on this vision quest of words. I know you must have some questions. Share a few sips of verbal peyote with me by the fire spirit, and we will sing the answers together.

First, what is Jerryland and how did you get here? Words are powerful, visceral, hungry spirits. They are not bothered by gravity and move freely in and out of us. Without great care, words can cripple the strongest heart, obliterate confidence, and brainwash any who underestimate them. They also have healing properties, hugging you with a coat of protective fur.

Secondly, who is Jerry the wordman? I am a student of many disciplines: science, math, philosophy, music, religion, spirituality, logic, and emotion; they all come together like puzzle pieces, clues that I feel compelled to collect. That is my place in the greater tribe of humanity: to observe and record.

Finally, what is a vision quest? It is a rite of passage, not only a door to pass through, but a wilderness to explore. You will have to leave everything behind, denying yourself the comfort of the familiar, fasting from literal logic so that your delirium will result in a vision, an apocalyptic revelation of who you are.

Now that the stars are swirling (those far away campfires in the sky), and the backbone of night has been revealed, we may begin.