When Gran (my grandfather) died a few years ago, he left me his Bible, a King James Version that was filled with his notes from when he was a Southern Baptist preacher. Of all his family, he gave it to me. I was so touched, but didn’t know what to do with it. At the time, I had drifted away from organized religion.

About that same time, I fell in love with a young, Christian woman who didn’t feel the same way about me. I was angry at myself for not being who/what she wanted, angry at her for rejecting me.

I wanted to forgive her for hurting me, and forgive myself for hurting her, just as I wanted to forgive myself for drifting away from Gran and my family. But how do I accomplish that? What is forgiveness, exactly? What is love, for that matter? I’d assumed that I knew the definitions of these basic words.

I realized that I was going to have to return to the well, study this book, the Bible, that had played an important role in my childhood, and in the history of my family.

These essays are my meditations. They are a way for me to come to terms with Gran’s death, and repent for how I mistreated that woman. I will learn about love, forgiveness, acceptance, repentance, and hope.

For you, the reader, please don’t think I’m trying to convert you to my way of thinking or believing. Instead, I hope that you’ll join me in reading these old Bible stories with new eyes. Let my journey be a metaphor for yours. Interpret what it means to you.


Book One: The Way

Patching an Old Coat

Lord’s Prayer

Prodigal Son

In the Wilderness Part One

In the Wilderness Part Two

Rich Young Ruler

Good Samaritan

Mindfulness of God: Meditation

The Reason for Parables

The Unforgiving Servant

Legion Part One

Legion Part Two

Mindfulness of God: Forgiveness

The Tower and the King

The Sower

Talitha Cumi Part One

Talitha Cumi Part Two

Tell No One

Spread the Word


Mindfulness of God: Blessings

Book Two: The Truth

Mindfulness of God: Prayer

Born Again

The Adversary


Revealed Unto Babes

Mindfulness of God: Sin No More (Part 1)

Sin No More (Part 2): Perfect

Rock on Water

Kingdom of Heaven: Introduction

Kingdom of Heaven: Mustard Seed

Kingdom of Heaven: Leaven

Kingdom of Heaven: Treasure and Pearl

Kingdom of Heaven: Fishing Net

Kingdom of Heaven: Wheat and Tares

Kingdom of Heaven: Vineyard Harvest

Kingdom of Heaven: Talent

Kingdom of Heaven: 10 Virgins

Kingdom of Heaven: Reborn Again