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Doggies Today

(at Paws Place Dog Rescue)

Hugging doggies
Loving doggies
Getting kissed by doggies

Doggies today

Letting them out for a run
Freedom! As far as your nose will take you
Treats and belly rubs

Doggies today

Senior faces shine in the sun
Whitened and wisened
by litters of puppies, feeding and biting

Doggies today

New girl Sally with your blonde fur
and sad eyes, cry no more
I’m here to remind you, you’re worthy of love

Doggies today

Mama Cricket mobbed by 10 pudgy cow-colored
puppies. Caramel Tessie side-rubs through the fence
Shy black Drake licking my hand

Doggies today

Bouncing hound Louise bites the leash
and she’s shaking her head all around
Smiling Jax leaps high to my lap and settles in for a nap

Doggies today

I don’t want to leave
I’m too tired to move
I’m soaked from rain and kisses
and Louise bit a hole through my shirt

Jiminy cries. He wants a hug goodbye
My heart spins from love and longing
Abandoned but rescued, we all live on hope.

Doggies today

As I leave, I hug, kiss, and pet every one
I wish for a bed here, my own dog house
complete with a blanket and plush toy to chew

I drive home smiling, eyes barely open,
a volunteer who played with doggies today.


Summer Park Lunch

Sweat like a second

skin smooth, wet

sheen, shaded by leaves

that droop, wait, and listen.

The pond tells

all: no fearful crouch,

hesitation, or blocked,

angled body. Water exists

to share itself, cool whispers

beneath webbed feet, feathered

tails. Listen, no secrets in pinholes

of light, leaves cracked open—patient

offering. Turtle head peeks

through a ripple. Air and water

comfort communion: communication

without limits—like the dog

smiling at strangers. No strangers

No danger No life without

connection. Children share, adore

water, embrace the breeze with laughter,

listen for life to express itself, and know

they are one voice in the rainbow.