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Soul Hooper

Celebrate yourself
tonight, beneath the hoop
of honey-colored moon. Spin
barefoot on the dunes, stretching
ever outward for empathy
for wind and sky. Create

your story with motion, spiral twist
& dip & bow, an ocean of play
and reverence. Always the explorer’s desire
to taste the lakes, dig the accents, touch
every life. Dance for their bruised courage.

Sweep them all up with your hoop, the soul
that is the story of us all. Circle their lives
with equality of experience, infinity
of hope. Spin faster—
you dynamo with a dreamer’s heart.

Magnetic field of Earth


Hoopdance (for Casey)

How sweet the taste
of sweat as I roll
my hips in the hoop.

My sickness circles around.

So free and strong,
swirling eyes and arms
escape in ancient action:
a dance my people once

performed around the fire;
the wood hummed, pummeled
by stomping bare, brown feet.

My esteem recedes and whimpers.

On my back, the mown grass
licking one leg, the other arched
and raised—I spin the hoop
on shimmering, painted toenails.

My people roar for beer
in cheap cups, ignoring
my pleading ode to the goddess.

My food swings around my fingers

and out my mouth; soothe
me, truth—broken and lost
until the hoop returns. My brown shins
kick the habit and hoop to my hand.